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Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis Vibrato Pedal *Authorized Dealer*

The Crazy Tube Circuits Memphis Vibrato pedal brings true pitch-shifting vibrato to a compact and easy to use pedal at a very attractive price. Most vibrato circuits are technically "amplitude modulation" in which the vibrato effect is essentially varying the output of the signal. The Memphis is a Harmonic Vibrato (or Tremolo) that actually varies the pitch for a more ethereal and captivating tone. The harmonic vibrato was a Hallmark of the 60's Magnatone amplifiers and was also employed by Leo Fender in the short-lived Brownface series of amps in the early 60's.

The all-analog Memphis Vibrato has simple speed, intensity and volume controls that can range from a subtle shimmer you can leave on all the time, to a vertigo-inducing wobble, and everything in-between. While on the "fringe" of popular effects, harmonic vibrato has a lots of uses that are inherently musical and can be a sound "enhancer" as well as an effect. Give the Memphis a spin and you'll be hooked.

In the words of Crazy Tube circuits:

Memphis Vibrato was designed as the “small brother” of our Killer V. Lots of our customers have asked for a true pitch shifting amp-like vibrato pedal, without the drive section, and we delivered.

It features all analog LFO and true-to-the-original-amp 2-stage pitch shifting circuit powered from an internal voltage multiplier for high headroom and improved dynamic response. A clean period correct preamp with up to 20db boost takes you back to the late 50s / early 60s.

With the intensity and speed knobs you can add a subtle shimmer , or a pronounced 3D acoustic image and musical feel with ear- pleasing vibrato effect for instant classic Lonnie Mack / Robert Ward sounds!

Volume: control the output level of your pedal. Set to match bypass level or boost output.

Intensity: set the intensity of modulation effect. From fairly subtle to all out modulated warble.

Speed: control the rate of modulation effect. The LFO's circuit waveform and ran e are similar to the original design.

All Wet/All Dry switch: select between 1 00% modulated (ALL WET) or place dry unmodulated signal in parallel with the modulated signal (DRY/WET). The latter setup was found in some of the original amps through "stereo" inputs and yields whirling phaser/vibe sounds.

Power Supply: Uses a 9V battery or tip-negative 9VDC power supply. Do not run at higher voltages