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Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor Boost Pedal *Authorized Dealer*

Some of the earliest guitar effects were simple volume and treble boosters designed to make guitars louder and more present. Guitarists also quickly discovered that these boosters could also overdrive their amplifiers, which probably changed the sound of rock 'n roll as much as anything. Some of these boosters also had the unintended effect of just sounding "better" even if they were not actually making the guitar louder.

The Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor packs four popular boost effects into one pedal, giving you an array of boost options each with their own unique sonic footprint. From the original "Range Master" type boost to later "transparent" boosts there is something here for everyone. Our personal favorite is the "ep" style boost, which was never intended as a boost and is based on the gain stage of a tape echo unit. With the white "fat" mode engaged it's really hard to turn off. Also of note is the "ma" boost, with its very high input impedance and low output impedance it will essentially act as a buffer to restore tone lost to long signal chains and cable runs.

Ingenious but simple at the same time, the Super Conductor is a boost box that is compatible with virtually any rig.

In the words of Crazy Tube Circuits:

Super Conductor features 4 distinct boost circuits in a small pedal format. Based on one-knob-wonders of the present and past, these tone accelerators can drive your rig into sonic bliss.

Each all-analog circuit features different input/output impedance, internal voltage and behaves differently on the volume / output knob, producing its own sonic signature, so that you can find the one that suits your rig and playing style. 

rm: our own silicon interpretation of the 60s classic germanium treble booster. Using a unique setup of paralleling 2 low gain silicon transistors we’ve managed to produce a sound that will convince even a NOS OC44 enthusiast. Use it to push an already overdriven amp or add presence and bite to a dark sounding setup.

ep: JFET preamp – gain stage based on the preamp circuit of a tape echo unit of the early 70s run on true to the original specs 24V DC power supply via an internal voltage boost. This tone enhancer is known for its magical coloration and the added focus and detail it gives to your sound.

ma: op-amp boost based on a clean and “transparent” volume booster of the late 70s / early 80s. This circuit is a “reference” to louder solos. Use it to run long signal chains with its low output impedance or drive your amp harder into natural saturation.

mf: based on a late 90s ultra-transparent, high input impedance MOSFET boost. This interpretation doesn’t crackle but still retains the massive clean boost with pristine highs sonic identity of the circuit it was modelled after.

We have added tone shaping modifications, individual to each circuit, that you can switch at will via the white and black button modifiers.

White button modifier operates only on rm and ep circuits, black button modifier operates only on ma and mf circuits.

Note: This unit was designed for 9VDC tip-negative power supply only. Do not use higher voltage power supply.