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Crazy Tube Circuits White Whale Vibrato and True Spring Reverb

To quote a white whale is "slang for relentlessly or obsessively pursuing an object that's difficult to achieve." If putting a real spring reverb on you pedalboard is your white whale, Crazy Tube Circuits is your Captain Ahab. The CTS While Whale is a true analog spring reverb and tremolo in a single package. While we've all been pretty happy -- mostly -- with digital reverb stompboxes, nothing quite replicates the delicate shimmer and airiness of a real reverb. The White Whale can be subtle and sophisticated, or rich and watery. There is even the option of two or three-spring reverb formats. The two-spring setting is a little brighter and a touch more steely, but neither mode colors your tone in a significant way. We also dig the the mix control knob, which lets you dial in some heavy reverb but blend it with clean signal. 

And if that was not enough, the White Whale covers your modulation needs with both a Brownface (harmonic) and Blackface (amplitude) style tremolo. The controls are pretty simple -- depth, speed and volume -- and you can think of volume essentially as mix. Whichever you prefer, they have very low background noise, and when used in moderation add a lushness to both chords and single notes. We are particularly fond of the Brownface tremolo, as the bias shifting method has less pronounced volume swells and sits better in the mix. Compared to some other analog harmonic tremolos on the market the White Whale controls are more basic, but that never stopped us from getting totally magical shimmer that added an extra dimension to almost anything. 

Digital has come a long way, and in terms of the amount of functionality and control features you can pack into digital, it certainly trumps analog. But some of the richest and most organic tones still come from analog devices. While the White Whale may seem large, it really is two pedals....and after all there are springs in that box! If you want to add more analog goodness to your signal path, the White Whale is a real catch.

In the words of Crazy Tube Circuits.....

Why do you have to struggle for a digital emulation of two classic effects when you can have the real thing! That’s what we asked ourselves when capturing the concept of White Whale. It features a real 3-spring reverb tank along with controls for dwell, mix, and tone to provide the lushest analog spring reverb you’ll ever find in a pedal of its size (6.7" x 5" x 3") to experience the ultimate ride of a wave. Combined with its two selectable modes of an all analog tremolo, opto (black) and bias shifting style (brown), the White Whale is all you’ll ever need to deliver old-school surf tones.

Each effect has its own true bypass function (via the onboard footswitches or remote switching units) so you can have simultaneous or independent operation.  With 2 separate expression pedal inputs you can control parameters like reverb mix and tremolo speed. Classic sound with modern flexibility