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Crazy Tube Circuits XT Footswitch for Sidekick JR

The Crazy Tube Circuits XT Footswitch is a handy accessory for their new Sidekick Jr. pedal that allow full independent accessibility of all three effects: Modulation, Delay and Reverb. It's simple latching switch that connects with a standard tip-ring guitar cable. It makes a great product even better and more flexible.

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In order to provide full flexibility in the smallest enclosure possible the Sidekick Jr. offers a unique smart switching setup. As per standard onboard function, the delay and reverb effect sections of Sidekick JR operate independently from each other and the modulation is assignable to any of these sections. With the addition of the XT footswitch the modulation section becomes totally independent and can be switched on/off on its own. The XT Footswitch is a passive latching switch exactly the same as the one offered as an accessory to the Unobtanium, but has the Sidekick graphics.