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EarthQuaker Devices Bit Commander V2 Analog Octave Synth Pedal

As guitar players we are always looking for ways to transform our sound, and in turn our creative work flow. As a result there are oodles of pedals out there that claim, "It will transform your guitar!" For us, nobody lives up to that lofty ambition quite like EarthQuaker Devices. The Bit Commander may be the perfect example, and the mother of all guitar synths. You have independent control of four octaves of vintage square wave tones, as well as master level and tone, all clearly labeled and easy to dial in. With a circuit like this, the possibilities are virtually endless. And depending on how you blend in the octaves you can get classic rock Moog tones, digital "Gameboy" sounds, ring mod craziness and everything in between with a few simple tweaks. The monophonic tracking is exceptional, and you almost never have to worry about your dynamics flubbing out. Experimentation is at the heart of the Bit Commander and we guarantee it's good for a lifetime of fun. 

Direct From Earthquaker Devices ...

The Bit Commander is a monophonic analog guitar synthesizer with four octaves of vintage square wave synth tones. Its no-nonsense interface makes it easy to add or subtract octaves to create a wide variety of sounds without having to dial in envelopes or oscillators. Ripping sub-octave thump, pulsing octave down, a lightly squared base tone and a swelling transformer based octave up all join together to make a single guitar sound like an army of olde tyme synths.


1. Level: Master volume

2. Filter: Tone control more highs clockwise, more warmth counterclockwise

3. Base: Squared input signal level

4. Sub: Two octaves down level

5. Down 1: One octave down level

6. Up 1: One octave up level


This device is true bypass and uses electronic relay-based switching. Audio will not pass without power.


This device takes a standard 9 volt DC power supply with a 2.1mm negative center barrel. We always recommend pedal-specific, transformer-isolated wall-wart power supplies or multiple isolated-output supplies. Pedals will make extra noise if there is ripple or unclean power. Switching-type power supplies, daisy chains and non-pedal specific power supplies do not filter dirty power as well and let through unwanted noise. DO NOT RUN AT HIGHER VOLTAGES!