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JAM Pedals Pink Flow


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Introducing The Pink Flow, the first standard multi-pedal from JAM pedals. In addition to an entire catalog of custom artwork, the Custom Shop at JAM pedals has made waves with their unique multi-pedal designs. In short, you can choose any number of their pedals to be set in a single housing, with one-in, one-out and all powered by one 9volt input. That's not even counting expression jacks, stereo outputs and send/return jacks for inserting your own pedals into the lineup. With all those options, it can be tough to pick the perfect combination so JAM went ahead and did it for you with the Gilmour inspired Pink Flow.

There are 6 full circuits in the Pink Flow in order from left-right:
- Seagull Effect - Crazy siren type effect inspired by the crying wah sounds from Pink Floyd's "Echoes"
- Dynassor Compressor - 2-knob compressor using NOS CA3080 chip from vintage ROSS and Dynacomp circuits.
- TubeDreamer 58 - The "perfect" Tube Screamer using NOS JRC4558D chip
- Red Muck Fuzz - Fuzz/Distortion modeled after 3 vintage EHX circuits: '71 Triangle (Original Big Muff), Red Army and Civil Army Muff. This pedal was honored by
- Waterfall Chorus - Fully analog chorus/vibrato featuring Bucket Brigade chips recreated from the Panasonic MN3205 featured in the Boss CE-1.
- Ripple Phaser  - Sweet and subtle 2-stage phaser inspired by the mid-70's MXR 45
- Delay Llama Plus w/ Tap Tempo - Fully analog bucket brigade delay with tap tempo, hold function and expression out for delay time.

- True Bypass
- 9 Volt DC Tip Negative
- Uses MAX 260 mA of power when Engaged, 110 mA in Bypass
- Single Input / Output
- Send/Return for placing your own pedals in between the drive and modulation settings

The Pink Flow is a who's-who of beloved JAM circuits meant to deliver the ultimate David Gilmour soundscape. This unit offers world class tone in everything from drive to modulation and it might solve your tone-quest. This is a no-brainer for a true Pink Floyd fan but it has the tools to make any rig a complete package. This description would be 5 pages long if we copied our full write-ups on each pedal so visit our individual listings to get our in depth review on each circuit!