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Keeley 1962x Dual mode Brit Overdrive


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Here is the special edition 1962x Overdrive by Keeley Electronics. The original pedal was designed to emulate the fabled 1962 Marshall "Bluesbreaker" combo amp that Eric Clapton used on the "Jon Mayall and the Blues Breakers" Album. Not only does the 1962x deliver tight JTM45 style overdrive but you can even toggle between the original sound of KT66 tubes or switch to KT88 for a wide open, gritty tone. If you are looking for pure British overdrive, don't pass this by.

The 1962x Overdrive by Robert Keeley is your one stop, amp-in-a-box for authentic British overdrive. This pedal is a combination of tried and true circuits that give you tight, bright and harmonically rich tube-style overdrive. Keeley also knows how to design a sweet casing, and the 1962x is compact and appropriately painted as the iconic amp it emulates.

Test Gear: G&L Fallout with Emerson Custom Wiring kit and David Allen P-51 Bridge Pickup through a Fender Vibrolux Reissue

On the 1962x there are two tube emulation modes: (the original) KT66 and KT88. The controls are very simple gain to measure the saturation of the overdrive, treble to extend the highs or take the edge off, and boost for overall volume.

The KT66 mode is pure British rock and roll. The voice is midrange focused with super tight saturation in the low end. The highs are harmonically rich so single notes and big bends really scream but with wonderful sustain. We think the secret to this tone is that Keeley uses half of his Katana Clean Boost circuit in the pedal to keep the integrity behind every note that's played.

The KT88 mode is not a boost but there is a sizeable jump in presence. There is a lot more attack behind your notes and the tone opens up to a deeper, less compressed profile. In our opinion what you gain in the presence takes away a little sweetness in the top end but that's what your controls are for. This mode utilizes a MOSFET transistor in the clipping stage for a much fatter tone, ideal for commanding rhythm playing.

Overall, the 1962x Overdrive is a faithful reproduction of rock and roll history. What Robert Keeley has captured in this pedal is the compressed and crunchy sound of British rock and roll with added flair and a killer paint job. Try one today!

This is a brand new product, and we are an authorized Keeley Electronics dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us about other Keeley products.