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Keeley Synth-1 Reverse Attack Fuzz Wave Generator


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Keeley Electronics unveiled the Synth-1 at the 2019 NAMM show and to us it's their most adventurous release to date. This mind blowing circuit is a single note synth and fuzz generator that allows you to blend your guitar signal into a variety of chaotic and hypnotic synth sounds that will change the way you play. From wave-form selection to reverse attack, this pedal can make your guitar sound like something else entirely or maybe just a hint of crazy.

The Synth-1 features a wide array of functions and top notch build quality:

  • Synth Wave Generator – Create fuzzed-out, single note synth sounds
  • Reverse Attack – Volume Swell Effect – put your guitar in slow gear!
  • Chaos Switch – change dimensional triggering and octaves and stuff
  • Filter – shape the EQ and tone of your fuzz wave
  • Wave Selector – change wave modes on the fly with your foot!
  • Control the Blend of your natural guitar and the wave generator
  • Side Mount Expression Jack for TRS control of the Filter
  •  True-Bypass

As you might guess, the Synth-1 is largely what you make of it, and that leaves a lot of sonic ground to cover. We tested this pedal with a variety of pickup configurations and even a baritone guitar and it was all good fun. Once you figure out how much natural guitar you want in the mix the filter control and wave form selector will be the main factors in dialing in your fuzz/synth tone. The different wave forms provide classic synth textures like sawtooth, fat sine wave or envelope filter and the attack and filter EQ give you a whole slew of tone shaping abilities. If you're feeling dangerous, flip the chaos switch for a barrage of randomly generated octave jumps and glitches.

If we know anything about Keeley by now it's that when he's inspired, he goes all the way. The Synth-1 embodies a leap forward in the growing arena of pedals that offer otherworldly sounds for the guitar. It just so happens that he simultaneously married these functions with nostalgic synth and fuzz tones that truly give you the best of both worlds. If you are looking to bring something unique to your rig, the Synth-1 is guaranteed to inspire.