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USED Keeley White Sands Luxe Drive Pedal w/ Original Box

Here is the solution to your low-gain pain. The White Sands Luxe Drive is a unique circuit designed to emulate the very beginning of tube breakup. It uses the same JFET input buffer as the Keeley's Red Dirt Overdrive and Seafoam to keep the integrity of your signal while allowing you to enhance the high and low end of your tone. With the Clean or Sandy toggle switch you can ditch the formalities and get down to business.

Test Gear: G&L Fallout with Emerson Custom Wiring kit and David Allen P-51 Bridge Pickup through a Fender Vibrolux Reissue

The White Sands Luxe Drive is in a way a transparent cousin of Keeley's famous Red Dirt Overdrive. The focus shifts to the highs and lows on the White Sands to provide a smooth overdrive that lets your natural guitar tone take center stage. The circuit is designed with a JFET input buffer to prevent signal degradation, and the tone control network keeps the mid range frequency fairly static while tightening the bass response and making the high end sparkle.

The White Sands Circuit uses asymmetrical clipping and by distorting half of the guitar signal more than the other, simulates tubes on the edge of breakup. The mini-toggle switch from Clean to Sandy modes lets you get a little meaner and provides a good amount of gain on top of the signal. The best way to think of this pedal is in Keeley terms: A little Katana Clean Boost, a little Red Dirt Overdrive and a whole lot of fun.