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Wiring Assemblies


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Emerson Custom Tele 3-way Thinline wiring assembly


Emerson Pro CTS Potentiometers 1MEG-SHRT-SPLIT


Emerson Pro CTS Potentiometers 500-SHRT-SPLIT


G&L ASAT SUPER Bridge pickup for ASAT Special and SC-2


LR Baggs M1 Pickup


Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A2


Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A5


Porter Tron AlNiCo "Filter" Set, Chrome


Porter Tron AlNiCo Humbucker Set Chrome


Porter Classic - Smooth +5% Humbucker Pickup Set


Porter Custom Bridge Humbucker for HSS Guitars


Porter P90 Bridge in Black and Cream


Porter Special P-90 Humbucker Set for G&L Fallout


Porter Strat 60s Set


Porter Tele Custom Set


Porter Tele STD Set


Porter Vintage Custom Strat Set