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UpFront Guitars is pleased to carry these great brands of pickups, each with a different design approach:

Rio Grande makes some very interesting pickups and despite their "Bad to the Bone" slogan they are way more than just hot pickups. Rio Grande makes a full range of pickups for Fender® and Gibson® style guitars from the vintage-inspired "Tallboy" series to the beefy "Muy Grande" line. Rio does not obsess on being totally faithful to any particular vintage style, and has several unique hybrid designs such as their "Dirty Harry" series of P-90 style pickups for Strat® and Tele®. At Rio Grande, rules are made to be broken. Made in Texas, USA.

Looking to offer custom-design pickups for unique applications, we reached out to Brian Porter, founder of Porter Pickups. Porter pickups makes pickup styles for practically any type of guitar you can think of, and they are more than willing to collaborate on specials. We are excited to be working on some interesting offerings available only at UpFront Guitars.

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G&L ASAT SUPER Bridge pickup for ASAT Special and SC-2


G&L Blade Pickup Neck and Middle


G&L Power Blade Pickup Bridge


LR Baggs M1 Pickup


Porter 9T set


Porter Classic - Smooth +5% Humbucker Pickup Set


Porter Classic Overdrive Humbucker Pickup Set


Porter Custom Bridge Humbucker for HSS Guitars

$99.00 $115.00

Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A2


Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A5


Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A5 - copy


Porter P90 Bridge in Black and Cream


Porter Special P-90 Humbucker Set for G&L Fallout


Porter Strat 60s Set


Porter Tele Custom Set


Porter Tele STD Set


Porter Tron AlNiCo "Filter" Set, Chrome


Porter Tron AlNiCo Humbucker Set Chrome


Porter Vintage Custom Strat Set


Rio Grande Bar Pack P 90 Pickup Set Cream or Black


Rio Grande Big Bottom Pickup Set for ASAT


Rio Grande Big Bottom Tele Pickup Classic Set Chrome Cover


Rio Grande Big Bottom Tele Set Black


Rio Grande Bluesbar P90 Pickup Black or Cream


Rio Grande Bluesdawg P-90 Dog Ear Pickup Black or Creme


Rio Grande Dirty Harry Humbucker White


Rio Grande Dirty Harry Pickup For Strat


Rio Grande Dirty Harry Tele Bridge Black


Rio Grande Dirty Harry Tele Set Black


Rio Grande Greasegunner Tele Bridge Black


Rio Grande Halfbreed Humbucker White


Rio Grande Halfbreed Strat Pickup


Rio Grande HalfBreed Strat RWRP


Rio Grande Jazzbar P-90 Pickup RWRP Black or Cream


Rio Grande Jazzdawg P 90 Dog Ear Pickup


Rio Grande Muy Grande ASAT Bridge Black


Rio Grande Muy Grande Humbucker Black


Rio Grande Muy Grande Strat Pickup All Colors


Rio Grande Muy Grande Tele Bridge Pickup Black


Rio Grande NEW Genuine Texas Humbucker 2 Conductor Gold


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