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Rio Grande Bar Pack P 90 Pickup Set Cream or Black


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P-90 pickups were introduced in 1946 when Gibson resumed guitar production after World War II, and by the end of the 1940's it was the standard pickup on all models, including the Les Paul introduced in 1952. Rio Grande has not forgotten the P-90 lover, and the Rio Grande Bar Pack set includes their Jazz Bar and Blues Bar P-90 pickups in a convenient set package.

The Jazz Bar is a RWPR neck pickup designed to provide clear, punchy P-90 sounds with a hit of fatness that is balanced in a way that only Rio Grande can do. ANILCO 5 bar magnet with metal bass plate, 9.0K resistance. The Blues Bar bridge pickup really cranks your guitar up a notch. While not much louder than the standard P-90, this pickup has a huge sound with a broad flat midrange that is just plain fat everywhere in the response curve. But this is no dark and murky sounding pickup: Just lots of power that easily pushed our test amp -- a Dr. Z Remedy -- into mild crunch with very little coaxing. Best of all, this pickup turns down nicely revealing a clean crisp top end, especially if your guitar uses the "vintage" wiring schematic employed by Gibson in their Historic and VOS guitars (an easy mod too). I don't know how Rio Grande does it, but if you live at "the bridge" this is your pickup. 12.5K resistance, ANILCO 5 bar magnets with metal base plate, includes hardware and wiring instructions.

Available in black or cream covers. Please specify when ordering.

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