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Rio Grande Dirty Harry Pickup For Strat


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Rio Grande takes your Strat® type guitar up a notch with the Dirty Harry pickup for Strat. Voiced for the bridge position, Rio Grande crams the power and tone of their P-90 Blues Bar onto a Strat sized bobbin. With the Dirty Harry, your Strat will finally have the power for rich, crunchy lead work.

The Rio Grande Dirty Harry pickup for Strat® uses true P-90 type construction with a ceramic bar magnet and fillister head screws for authentic P-90 sound that somehow fits into your Strat bridge position (or the neck if you are so inspired). Made to emulate their Blues Bar P-90 pickup, the Dirty Harry is big and thick across the frequency spectrum. It's perfect for pedals, producing rich and complex rock tones without annoying snarl or midrange honk. Rio is the master at voicing powerful pickups that are also musical, and the Dirty Harry also cleans up quite nicely when rolled back. Combined pickup tones are thicker with a little more punch, but still retain their "quack". 13K ohms resistance, ceramic magnet, includes hardware and instructions.

Available in black, creme, parchment, and white covers. Please specify cover color when ordering.