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Rio Grande Dirty Harry Tele Bridge Black


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It's our best selling pickup, and if your Muy Grande Tele® bridge is still a little too tame for your tastes, notch it up with the Dirty Harry Tele Bridge. Rio Grande crams the power and tone of their P-90 Blues Bar onto a Tele sized bobbin. With a Dirty Harry, you'll never be playing to an empty chair!

The Rio Grande Dirty Harry pickup for Tele® uses true P-90 type construction with a ceramic bar magnet and fillister head screws for authentic P-90 sound that drops into your standard Tele ashtray bridge. Made to emulate their Blues Bar P-90 pickup, the Dirty Harry is big, meaty and thick across the frequency spectrum and will really drive your amp and pedals.

We dropped one into our Highway One Tele and gave it a spin. Clean tones give up some of that authentic Tele twang, but still has good note separation and a clean, bright high end. It's sonically well balanced and has the tone of a well made Soapbar. Overdriven you'll uncork that distinctive P-90 thickness that fills out the midrange and produces rich crunch with good harmonic detail and without the nasal snarl of an over-wound P-90. Rio Grande knows the formula for creating powerful tones without turning your sound into mud, and the Dirty Harry also cleans up quite nicely when rolled back. 12K ohms resistance, ceramic magnet, and includes hardware and instructions. Made in Texas, where they know about hot stuff!

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