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Rio Grande Greasegunner Tele Bridge Black


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Texas-sized hyperbole aside, the Rio Grande Greasegunner is a dual blade humbucker pickup that will drop into almost any Tele® style bridge. If you are looking for fuller mids and better pedal performance without spoiling the look of your guitar, the Greasegunner is simple and musical fix.

The Rio Grande Greasegunner features:

  • Dual coils steel blade construction
  • Ceramic base magnet
  • Steel base plate
  • DC resistance approx 9.2K (our measurements)
  • Four conductor wiring
  • Hardware and wiring instructions
  • Custom colors available by special order

The Greasegunner takes Rio's "rail" format and adapts it to a Tele-style bobbin. Not a screaming high output pickup, the Greasegunner fills out the midrange and takes some of the typical Tele edge off the top end. The result is a fuller, warmer tone that is super pedal-friendly, but has enough twang to not get you fired from the band. And of course it's hum-cancelling.