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Rio Grande Muy Grande Strat Pickup All Colors


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Does your Strat® bridge pickup sound like a barrel of shattered glass? The Rio Grande Muy Grande Strat bridge pickup will fix that. It packs a punch, but still retains the essential character of the original. No honky nasal highs or harsh midrange, just twang with more bang!

There are practical limits to how much power you can get out a Strat pickup without it becoming a hot mess. Rio Grande knows this, and by using larger 1/4" magnets, and a moderate increase in wire turns, you get a healthy bump in the midrange for a full sound that will really drive your amp or effects pedal. You do lose a little high end sparkle, but the pickup still retains good clarity and does not nave that stuffy or nasal sound that many hot pickups possess. Specs: 8K resistance, 1/4" ALNICO 5 magnets, includes mounting hardware and wiring instructions.

Available in black, creme, parchment, and white covers. Please specify cover color when ordering.

We are an authorized Rio Grande dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Rio Grande products.