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Emerson Custom J-Bass Jazz Bass 250k Prewired Kit Assembly

The Emerson J-Bass Prewired Assembly is the perfect way to upgrade most American or Imported Precision Bass type guitars. The Emerson Jazz Bass kit features CTS hi-spec Pro Pots and their exclusive USA-made Paper-in-Oil capacitor for classic vintage tone. It looks to so cool, you won't want to put your bass back together.

The Emerson J-Bass wiring kit features:
  • CTS hi-spec 250K solid shaft pots (Some import guitars may require drilling out shaft hole to 3/8")
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • Exclusive Emerson USA-made .047µf Paper-in Oil Capacitor
  • Volume treble bleed - Capacitor/Resistor network retains high end clarity as you turn down the volume (no more mud!)
  • Painstakingly neat construction
  • Instructions

Not all wiring kits are created equal, and when you compare, Emerson leads the pack. Emerson kits feature CTS hi-spec pots. These pots have a smooth audio taper, easy turning, and a super-tight tolerance. Many common pots are as much as +/- 20% and you'll really appreciate the full usable sweep these potentiometers

Emerson now has their own exclusive Paper-in-Oil capacitor. Made to Emerson specifications in the USA, these precision hermetically sealed components combine vintage sound and with modern reliability to maximize your tone. Featuring military-spec tubular construction with sealed glass ends, these components are perfectly sized for both bass and guitar.

Buyers keep telling us how much better their guitar or bass sounds with an Emerson kit. It's true: Good components matter and with an Emerson wiring kit we know you'll hear the difference.

Featuring expert workmanship and the best available components, Emerson wiring kits produce meaningful results for short money.

We are an authorized Emerson dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Emerson products.