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Emerson Custom Strat 5-Way Blender 250k Prewired Kit Assembly

Emerson does it again for quality and performance, featuring CTS hi-spec Pots and proprietary USA Paper-in-Oil Capacitor. The Emerson 5-way Strat Blender Prewired Assembly is the perfect way to upgrade your Stratocaster and get increased tonal flexibility.

The Emerson Strat 5-Way Blender Prewired Kit features:

  • CTS hi-spec 250K split shaft pots (pickguard mount for plastic knobs, import guitars may require drilling out shaft hole to 3/8")
  • Oak Grigsby 5-Way switch
  • Switchcraft Jack and wiring
  • New Emerson USA-made .047µf Paper-in Oil Capacitor
  • Volume control, global tone control, and special blender control
  • Volume Mod (resistor/cap network retains clarity as you turn down, no more mud!)
  • Vintage cloth covered wiring
  • Instructions

Emerson Prewired kits are more than the sum of their parts, and they're not just off-the-shelf components. All Emerson kits feature CTS hi-spec pots. They turn smoothly, and they "do something" throughout their entire range. Emerson has their own Paper-in-Oil capacitors made in the USA to Emerson specifications. These precision hermetically sealed components combine vintage sound and modern manufacturing techniques to maximize your guitar tone.

The Strat® Blender wiring kit utilizes the second tone control to act as a blend control between the neck and bridge pickups. So the controls work like this:

  • Volume - Global volume control like a normal Strat
  • Tone - Global tone control
  • Blender control - When the pickup selector is on the neck and the knob is on "10" you get only neck pickup. As the knob is turned down the blend with the bridge pickup increases. Fully turned down the blend is 50/50. When the pickup selector is on the bridge, turning down the knob increases the amount of bridge pickup blend.

Benefits include:

  • You get the neck+bridge position, which is not normally available without a pull-tone or mini-toggle. It's a nice setting for country or rhythm playing.
  • Blending a little neck tone with bridge cures the icy, brittle tone associated with the bridge pickup, making it a much more usable position.

The Emerson Strat Blender is a clever and easy way to make your guitar versatile and sound better. Brilliant!

We are an authorized Emerson dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Emerson products.