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Emerson Custom Tele 3-Way 250k Thinline Prewired Kit Assembly

In the world of guitar upgrades, Emerson Custom sets the standard for quality and performance for guitar wiring assemblies. Featuring Hi-Spec CTS Pots and  proprietary USA Paper-in-Oil Capacitor. The Emerson 3-Way Tele Thinline Prewired Kit is the ultimate control upgrade for most American or Imported Tele Thinline type guitars.

With spacing specifically for Thinline style guitars, this Emerson 3-way Tele Prewired kit features:

  • Hi-Spec CTS 250K Solid shaft pots (plate mount only, import guitars may require drilling out shaft hole to 3/8")
  • Oak Grigsby 3-Way switch
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • Emerson USA-made .047µf Paper-in Oil Capacitor
  • Vintage wiring schematic - Tone capacitor is wired between volume and tone pot
  • Volume Mod (resistor/cap network retains clarity as you turn down, no more mud!)
  • Vintage cloth covered wiring
  • Instructions

Emerson Prewired kits are unlike anything else on the market. Not content to use off-the-shelf parts, all Emerson kits feature CTS Hi-Spec pots.
These pots have a smooth audio taper, easy turning, and a super-tight tolerance. You'll really appreciate the full usable sweep these potentiometers provide.

And going one better than NOS, Emerson has their own custom made Paper-in-Oil capacitor. Made to Emerson specifications in the USA, these precision hermetically sealed components combine vintage sound and modern manufacturing techniques to maximize your guitar tone. Much like tubes, Paper-in-Oil capacitors are closely identified with "the sound" of vintage guitars and amplifiers. Featuring military-spec tubular construction with sealed glass ends, these components are perfectly sized for guitars, and look so cool you'll hate to put your guitar back together.

Like most Emerson kits the Tele 3-way kit features what is known as the "Vintage Wiring" schematic. What's the deal with this? In short, the vintage wiring scheme results in less high end loss when the volume control is turned down. In addition the tone control is interactive with the volume control, meaning that how the tone control works varies with where the volume control is set. While at first this sounds like a problem, it expands the palette of available sounds from your guitar.

Featuring expert workmanship and the best available components, the Emerson Thinline Tele Prewired Kit will surprise you with how much better your guitar sounds. Get an Emerson kit and find out what your controls were meant to do!

We are an authorized Emerson dealer and keep a good stock of product on hand at all times. Please feel free to browse our listings, or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Emerson products.