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G&L ASAT SUPER Bridge pickup for ASAT Special and SC-2 - BLACK COVER

Ships with BLACK cover, but the pickup covers are totally interchangeable without any tools. Any ASAT bridge pickup cover will fit.

G&L's ASAT Special has always been a magical instrument not least for its large format Magnetic Field Design (MFD) pickups. While the neck pickup and its cosmic blend of Strat, Tele and Jazzmaster has always been a favorite, the bridge pickup is maybe a bit too twangy to really rock out.

G&L recognized this and for a while produced a hotter version of the MFD bridge pickup for the SC-2. However that went away at some point, and sometime after that the SC-2 went the way of the Dodo. We've asked G&L to resurrect their "super" ASAT bridge pickup for those that want their ASAT Special or SC-2 to have a little more kick. Essentially 1500 more wire turns than the standard bridge pickup, the net effect is more midrange content and a slightly softer high end response. It's not louder, but fuller, and gives your ASAT Special or SC-2 better rock attitude without losing its country credentials. It makes a great guitar even better. 

Typical DC resistance measurement is 6.2 to 6.5K ohms (Stock is usually around 4.9 - 5.2). Your stock covers will fit. Standard black/white (ground/hot) wiring.