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G&L Fallout Short Scale Bass - Pre Order NOW!

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The G&L Fallout Short Scale Bass is here and more on the way!

You can pre-order your bass NOW with a $ 200 deposit.
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The new G&L Fallout Short Scale Bass has arrived! While the vast majority of electric bass guitars are the "standard" 34" scale set forth by Leo Fender over sixty years ago, short scale bass guitars have their own allure. And now G&L has brought out their own short scale model based on the Fallout body style. Now shipping in special Launch Edition finishes, the Fallout bass is sure to appeal to G&L bass lovers, guitar converts, and anyone desiring a high quality bass in a more compact format.

This USA made Fallout Launch Edition Bass Features:
  • 19-fret, 30" scale, 9.5 fretboard radius, 1-5/8” nut width
  • Caribbean Rosewood fretboard
  • Single MFD passive humbucker pickup
  • Parallel/Split/OMG-mode 3-way pickup switch
  • Hefty G&L saddle lock bridge
  • 3-ply parchment pickguard
  • Matching headstock
  • G&L tuning keys with lightweight aluminum posts
  • G&L non-compression truss rod
  • Plek fret finish
  • La Bella custom gauge strings
  • G&L padded gig bag
  • $ 1699
While short scale bass guitars have always existed -- such as the Gibson EB series, Fender Mustang, Hofner 500/1 etc. -- quite often they've been characterized as budget or beginner models. Having none of that, the Fallout Bass uses the same hardware, electronics and build quality as its longer scale brothers. This includes a passive version of their Magnetic Field Design humbucker pickup, heavy machined saddle lock bridge, and Plek-finished neck.  Borrowing the narrow-waisted Fallout body -- which is a throwback to the original SC-1 (and Fender's earlier Duo Sonic) -- the Fallout bass is nicely proportioned, weighs in the low 8-pound range, and balances nicely.

The Fallout uses the same pickup and wiring configuration at their CLF L-1000 bass; which runs through a range of parallel, split and bass boost modes for a host of tonal options with just one pickup. While the electronics are the same, the shorter scale and lower string tension mutes the highs slightly for a rounder and less percussive tone. Slap players may not gravitate to a short scale bass, but for many other styles the Fallout Bass still has plenty of definition and note separation.

With the toggle in the up position the pickup is in parallel mode, which has a warm response with good midrange content, fairly similar a typical P-bass. If you like to play with a pick, this is a good setting when you want a clean tone without a lot of extraneous pick noise. The middle single-coil mode has a leaner JB-vibe, with a silky top end that is crisp but not overly metallic. Most likely the centrally mounted pickup location plays a role in this regard. The OMG mode uses a passive circuit to emphasize lower end frequencies. It adds quite a bit of thump, and provides a big fat tone that belies the compact size of the Fallout bass. Depending on your amp and EQ shaping capabilities, the OMG mode is a great starting point for sculpting meaty and substantial tones that don't greatly sacrifice clarity.

Short scale bass guitars have a practical side in that they are easy to play, pack light, and are more manageable for smaller players and crossover guitarists. And while they lack some of the percussive snap and response of a full scale bass, their rounder mellow tone sits nicely in the mix. Depending on your style of playing and taste in music, a short scale bass could be all you need. Players such as Jack Bruce, Bill Wyman and Sir Paul McCartney seemed to manage with a short scale bass, so there is a good chance you can too.  The G&L Fallout bass is a welcome addition to the line, and proof that good things do come in small(er) packages.