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Godin Acoustic Metropolis Spruce LTD HG EQ SF with TRIC


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Introducing the new Godin Metropolis dreadnought acoustic guitar. While Godin has manufactured acoustic guitars for years -- and still does -- under various brand names, now the famous Godin name has been applied to a new line of premium acoustic guitars. Featuring all solid wood construction and top notch hardware and electronics, the Godin Metropolis is a strong and attractive entry into the world of solid wood acoustics.

This is a Godin "SF" guitar which means it's a cosmetic factory second. Godin is very picky and we could not spot any obvious flaws (see photos), but it carries a full warranty and saves you some money!

The made in Canada, the Godin Metropolis features
  • Premium pressure tested solid Sitka Spruce top
  • Solid Mahogany, back & sides
  • Thin gloss finish
  • Neck - Mahogany, 25.5" scale, 16" radius
  • Bound Richlite® fretboard w/ custom inlays
  • X-bracing construction
  • LR Baggs Anthem pick up
  • Open gear tuners
  • Graphtec nut, saddle and pins
  • Includes deluxe TRIC hard case

For reasons unknown, Godin has always chosen to brand their acoustic guitars under alternate brand names such as Norman, and Simon and Patrick. But it the Godin name looks perfectly at home on the headstock of this nicely appointed dreadnought guitar. The new Godin line of acoustics is aimed at a higher level of performance, with nearly all models featuring all solid wood construction. The Concert and Dreadnought series guitars feature what Godin calls their "Optimal X" bracing, kerfed neck construction, LR Baggs Anthem electronics, and Richlite fret boards. Richlite is a wood fiber composite material that has a look and feel similar to ebony, but none of the sourcing or sustainability issues of harvesting real ebony. It's hardly new to the Godin family of guitars, and has been used for many years.

The attractive Metropolis has gently rounded shoulders which makes it look less boxy, and more in the mold of a J-45. The bound neck is a nice touch, and split block inlays carried over from their Montreal line makes the guitar stand out in a crowd. Godin stuck with the same headstock style that they use on their higher end electrics, and to us it fits right in stylistically on their acoustic line. And we've always liked the look of the tortoiseshell headstock veneer. The controls for the electronics are sound-hole mounted, and the LR Baggs LR Baggs Anthem setup has a volume control, a blend control to balance the body mic and bridge transducer, and a phase switch.

Mahogany-bodied guitars generally have a strong midrange focus, less dynamic range than rosewood, but more complexity than maple. The Godin Metropolis is characterized by strong bass response, good volume and a pleasant overall balance between the mids and highs. The midrange does not feel congested or muddy, and there is enough high end definition to satisfy finger pickers looking for detailed note separation. The overall voicing of the guitar is balanced, and the high end response of the guitar is quite similar whether using a pick or fingers. Some guitars tend to get quite bright and metallic with a pick, but the Metropolis sounds smooth and refined regardless of picking preference.

Keeping it all Canadian, we plugged the Metropolis into a Traynor AM Studio, which is a compact acoustic amp with 8" woofer and 1" tweeter. The LR Baggs system sounds natural, with no obvious piezo quack or crackle, and Metropolis came through big, warm, and rounded - much like its unplugged tone. Like any amplified dreadnought, there is a little heaviness in the lower frequencies, and the Metropolis would probably benefit from a more expansive EQ section than the two-band AM Studio.

The Godin Metropolis is a very compelling entry into the world of solid wood acoustic guitars. It has a balanced overall tone with enough high end response and volume to hold its own in acoustic jam sessions. Players who use a pick will dig its smooth response, and finger pickers won't see their efforts covered up by an overly heavy midrange. For Godin fans looking for solid wood dreadnought acoustic that actually says Godin on the headstock, your day has arrived.