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Godin Multiac ACS Nylon Cedar Slim SF #112

The Godin Multiac ACS Slim Nylon is a professional level acoustic electric Nylon guitar with both standard 1/4" out and 13-Pin output for Roland GR® synths and other 13 pin devices. Featuring a thick Cedar top and maple back, the ACS Nylon is the perfect feedback-free nylon performance instrument.

This guitar is an "SF" factory second with a small cosmetic blemish (see photo). Our customers are very happy with Godin SF models of all types. It's factory fresh and fully guaranteed, and you get the savings. Photos are of the actual guitar except for headstock

The Godin Nylon ACS Cedar is a great guitar for live performances and recording and features:

  • Solid Cedar Top, natural semi-gloss finish
  • Maple Body
  • Mahogany Neck with 16" radius Richlite® composite fingerboard
  • 1.71" width at the nut
  • Customer RMC active electronics with 6 saddle transducers
  • 3 Band active active EQ
  • Schaller strap lock buttons
  • Approx. 6.5 pounds
  • Include deluxe Godin padded gig bag

Since this ACS Cedar Slim does not use a body mic, the maple body is essentially solid although not of one piece construction. Even with a solid body the weight is under 7 pounds, and unplugged the volume is reasonable for practice. The thick (1/4") Cedar top is beautifully finished and has a real high-end look. The 1.71" nut width is narrower than a typical Nylon guitar, which is comfortable for those that switch between electrics and steel acoustics. The neck profile is a relatively shallow "C", making it easy to reach around for chords or finger picking. The finish and feel of the neck is smooth and comfortable, and the Richlite® composite fingerboard provides nice snap, and is an eco-friendly alternative to ebony. The hard, smooth Richlite surface also provides accurate tracking for the synthesizer output.

Running through a Hughes & Kettner ERA-1 acoustic amplifier, the Nylon ACS provided very nice note definition and great string-to-string clarity. The sound was detailed without a hint of mud or murkiness, no doubt due to individual bridge saddle transducers. The 3-band EQ offers a broad range of boost and cut, and even at fairly extreme settings the guitar remained composed without any boom or crackly treble that often accompanies piezo type transducers. Whether single note picking or strumming, each note seems to occupy its own space, and one can only imagine how good it would sound through a stereo PA system. Like most electrified acoustic instruments, a little signal conditioning is helpful, and we like to use a BBE Sonic Stomp or similar product.

The 13-pin Roland compatible-synth output transforms the ACS from mere electrified nylon to personal orchestra. Whether it's piano, saxophone or other synthesized tone, the ability to add an additional instrument and even blend it with the nylon sound makes the ACS Nylon a killer tool for solo performers. Whether you use the synthesizer or not, the natural sounding tone, comfortable fit, and easy playability make the Godin ACS Nylon a totally satisfying high quality instrument.

We are an authorized Godin dealer and this is a new guitar with all tags, tools, paperwork and certificates. We have over 25 Godin-family guitars stock at all times, and please feel free to browse our other listings, or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Godin models.