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Godin Multiac ACS Nylon Denim Flame


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Introduced in 2019, Godin added a flame maple top and their fetching Denim Blue finish to the ACS line. The Godin ACS is a professional level acoustic electric Nylon guitar with both standard 1/4" out and 13-Pin output for Roland GR® synths and other 13 pin devices. Featuring an elegant flame maple top, maple back and high gloss finish, the ACS Nylon is the perfect for composers, solo performers, and those who need a "situational nylon" that sounds great, is easy to dial in, and never feeds back

The Godin Nylon ACS Denim Flame is a great guitar for live performances and recording and features:

  • High gloss flame maple top with Denim Blue gloss finish
  • Gloss finish Maple Body
  • Gloss finish mahogany Neck with 16" radius Richlite® fingerboard
  • 1.9" width at the nut
  • Custom RMC active electronics with 6 saddle transducers
  • 13 pin out for Roland GR and compatible synthesizers
  • 3 Band active active EQ with midrange shift
  • Schaller strap lock buttons
  • Includes deluxe Godin padded gig bag

Flame Maple has been a popular top material for decades, and besides its striking looks, maple imparts a more percussive snap than the traditional cedar top used on the standard line ACS guitars. It's not overly bright, but the note definition is enhanced. The standard 1.9" nut width will feel totally familiar to nylon players, and the neck profile is a relatively shallow "C", making it easy to reach around for chords or finger picking. The finish and feel of the neck is smooth and comfortable, and the Richlite® fingerboard provides nice snap, and is said to provide better note tracking when using a synthesizer. The gloss finished headstock is nicely detailed, and is in keeping with the overall high end appearance of the guitar.

Tested through our Hughes & Kettner ERA-1, the Godin ACS Denim flame is a capable and natural sounding guitar. As with all ACS guitars, the string-to-string clarity is very good, and the combination of Richlite fingerboard and maple top results in a well-defined sound that is very responsive to playing style. The essentially solid body does not provide any discernible acoustic resonance, but we dig the note separation and detail of the RMC electronics. Plus most acoustics amps these days have pretty good effects sections to dial in all the reverb and delay you can handle. The 3-band EQ section of the ACS Nylon is quite broad, making it simple to dial in a good tone in almost any situation. There is also a slider switch to shift the center frequency of the midrange slider.

Whether single note picking or strumming, the sound is very natural, with minimal piezo "quack" or crackle. Like many Godin thin-line acoustic electrics, the ACS makes a great argument for never bringing a true acoustic to a gig. Unless you must be seen holding a true acoustic, leave it home.

The 13-pin Roland compatible-synth output transforms the ACS from mere electrified nylon to personal orchestra. Whether it's piano, saxophone or other synthesized tone, the ability to add an additional instrument and even blend it with the nylon sound makes the ACS Nylon a killer tool for solo performers. Whether you use the synthesizer or not, the natural sounding tone, comfortable fit, and easy playability make the Godin ACS Nylon a totally satisfying high quality instrument.