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Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance


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The Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance is Godin's top of the line Spruce top nylon string electro-acoustic guitar. Equipped with Fishman dual source electronics with mic modeling, the Nylon Duet Ambiance brings totally natural acoustic tones to any playing situation.

This particular SKU is a discontinued version and is available at a special savings:

The Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance is a great guitar for live performances and recording and features:

  • Solid spruce top
  • Chambered mahogany body
  • Mahogany Neck with 16" radius Richlite? fingerboard
  • 25.5" scale with 1.9" width at the nut (1-7/8")
  • Custom Fishman electronics with blend-able saddle transducer and body mic
  • 3 Band active EQ
  • Four different mic voicings via 4-way selector switch
  • Phase reversal button
  • Built-in feedback control
  • 1/4" output jack
  • Schaller strap lock buttons
  • Includes deluxe Godin padded gig bag
  • Made in Canada

To see how it sounded, we tested the Multiac Duet Ambiance using a BBE Acoustimax acoustic preamp direct into to a QSC K10 powered 2-way speaker. The sound sources for the guitar are a blend-able bridge transducer and body microphone. We found that the guitar had the best blend of warmth and high end with just a touch more body mic than bridge transducer. However, this is highly dependent on your particular sound system and room acoustics and as they say: Your results may vary.

The four mic presets are modeled after famous recording mics for acoustic guitar: Neumann U87, DPA 4011, Soundelux E47, and Schoeps CMC64g. The differences between the presets are noticeable, and you can think of these as fining tuning presets for dialing in live sound, or when recording. Not being an expert on microphones it's hard to say how faithful these models are to the real thing. But each position had an easily discernable difference in the overall feel and response of the guitar. It's quite likely you will find a favorite position and just stick with it, but it's good to have options.

There is also a push button phase switch as part of the control package, and you'll definitely want to experiment with this too. Acoustic guitars are much more sensitive than a solid body guitar with respective to being in phase with the host amplification system and speakers. The test for proper phase is strictly by ear, but you'll know it when you hear it, and the correct phase will sound much fuller and warmer.

For those who have struggled to get a good live sound with real acoustic, dealt with feedback, or just worried about banging up their prized acoustic, the Multiac Duet Ambiance makes a very convincing argument to never bring a real acoustic to a gig. It's comfortable, plays very well, and the sound is so natural that unless you must be seen playing a true acoustic, it's the obvious choice for live gigs. This guitar makes a ton of sense for recording too, and for laying down quick tracks with minimal fuss it's a no-brainer. Actually for most people with limited budgets for pro audio gear, the Duet Ambiance may be the only the guitar you need.

Godin really excels in the category of electro-acoustic guitars, and the Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance is another great example of the breed. By providing even more control functionality, the Nylon Duet Ambiance raises the bar for professional performance and recording instruments.

We are an authorized Godin dealer and this is anew guitar with all tags, tools, paperwork and certificates. We have over 25 Godin guitars stock at all times, and please feel free to browse our other listings, or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Godin models.