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Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance Natural SF


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The Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance -- now discontinued -- was Godin's top of the line thinline steel string performance acoustic guitar. Equipped with dual voice electronics and Fishman mic modeling, the Steel Duet Ambiance brings beautiful, natural acoustic tones to any playing situation.

This is marked as a "SF" factory second, which means it has a minor cosmetic imperfection somewhere on the product (see photos). Godin is extremely picky, and you get a new instruments at a great price!

The Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance is a great guitar for live performances and recording and features:

  • Solid spruce top, Natural finish
  • Chambered mahogany body
  • Mahogany Neck with 16" radius Richlite® fingerboard
  • 25.5" scale with 1.71" width at the nut
  • Custom Fishman electronics with blend-able saddle transducers and body mic
  • 3 Band active EQ
  • Four different mic voicings via 4-way selector switch
  • Phase reversal button
  • 1/4" output jack
  • Schaller strap lock buttons
  • Includes deluxe Godin padded gig bag

The Duet Ambiance is a classy guitar with a classic natural finish, nicely detailed binding, and mahogany back. Even the access panels for the electronics are wood veneer instead of the usual plastic. Like all Multiac guitars the playability is first rate, and for what is essentially an acoustic guitar, the action is very comfortable. This is a guitar you can gig with all evening long, and players used to electric guitars will not find the Multiac a chore or hard on their fingers.

To see how it sounded, we tested the Multiac Duet Ambiance using a BBE Acoustimax acoustic preamp direct out to a QSC K10 powered 2-way speaker. Unlike the lower priced A6 line, the Duet Ambiance uses a spruce top, and even unplugged the guitar has more brilliant and detailed tone. Once powered up, the Multiac sounded remarkably natural with great upper end detail, and a clean, open midrange. Compared to a "real" acoustic it might be more like folk or concert guitar than a dreadnaught. However with on-board active EQ and four mic presets, you can pretty much tailor the guitar to be whatever "shape" you want.

The four mic presets are modeled after famous recording mics for acoustic guitar: Neumann U87, DPA 4011, Soundelux E47, and Schoeps CMC64g. The differences between the presets are noticeable but subtle, and you can think of these as fining tuning for dialing in live sound or when recording. There was absolutely no "bad" sound, and you may find one that suits your fancy, or switch around depending on the situation.

For those who have struggled to get a good live sound with real acoustic, dealt with feedback, or just worried about banging up their prized acoustic, the Multiac Duet Ambiance makes a very convincing argument to never bring a real acoustic to a gig. It's comfortable, plays very well, and the sound is so natural that unless you must be seen playing a true acoustic, it's the obvious choice for live gigs. A friend of ours with several high end acoustics now uses the Multiac Steel Duet as his got-to for most acoustic tracking. It's so easy to get a good recorded sound, that unless the tone of a particular acoustic guitar is a must, it's just quicker and easier with the Steel Duet Ambiance.

This is a shockingly good sounding guitar, and a real treat to play. If you are serious about live performing or recording, this Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance is an excellent choice.