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Godin Radium Winchester Brown RN with PorterTron Alnico pickups


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For 2020, Godin has introduced the new Radium line of guitars. Featuring a unique mash up of Fullerton-meets-Kalamazoo pickups, body shape and scale length, the Radium packs a diverse set of tones in a comfortable, easy to play package.

This guitar is upgraded with a great set of Porter PorterTron humbucker pickups, which are Filtertron construction but utilizing Alnico 5 rod magnets instead of bar magnets. Original pickups are also included. This was originally a Godin "SF" model with a slight cosmetic defect (see photo)

The new Godin Radium Winchester Brown features

  • Mahogany Center body with Basswood wings - 7.0 pounds
  • Satin Winchester Brown finish
  • 24.75" scale 12" radius mahogany set neck
  • Rosewood fretboard, 1-11/16" nut width
  • Godin nickel covered humbucking neck and bridge pickups
  • Custom Cajun middle pickup
  • Wrap tailpiece
  • Volume, Tone controls w/pull split tone control
  • 5-way pickup switch
  • Schaller strap locks
  • Godin padded gig bag
Looking somewhat like the Fender-Gibson love child, the Godin Radium combines a multitude of influences to create a surprisingly broad array of tones. In contrast to the basswood Carbon Black Radium version, the mahogany center section, and mahogany neck gives the Winchester model a warmer slightly more mid-focused vibe.  There is still ample note definition, but the woods and gives the this particular model a little more complexity and warmth.

We had some fun with this guitar and dropped in a set of PorterTron Alnico humbuckers, which are another mash up of humbucker sized pickup, Filtertron style toaster top and Alnico rod magnets instead of a bar magnet. While the spacing an bobbin size is not true Filtertron, the split toaster top creates less high frequency attenuation than a fully covered pickup, and the Alnico rod magnets provide more note separation and clarity. We first tried this pickup at the 2020 NAMM show and really dug the combination of low noise, enhanced mids, and stellar quality. So while not an inexpensive upgrade, they breathe a lot of life and character into an already fundamentally good guitar. But back to the what else is unique about the Radium....

Putting a Tele-style pickup in the middle position does not get you that classic compressed bell tone. It's more of a smooth rhythm vibe with enough sparkle support the mix but not get lost in it. Combined with neck or bridge pickup you also don't get strong "out of phase" tones that you expect from a Strat. The effect is a more clean and distinct with less quack. While that might disappoint some, it works great with vibe, chorus, and phase effects to create lush, detailed and hypnotic chords that shimmer nicely when the notes are individually picked out. Even when piling on the modulation effects, the fundamental tonality remained intact.

And something interesting happens when you pull the tone knob up to split both humbuckers: You get a bit of the "quack" back when combined with the middle pickup. This gets you closer to a "Strat" tone, but with less snap than the real thing. But the point is not to sound like that guitar, and pulling the tone knob is like getting a second guitar to work with.

The Radium is an excellent value from its smooth playing medium C profile neck to its unique pickup arrangement. Tonally it occupies its own space, so don't expect it to substitute for a Les Paul or a Strat. The Godin Radium radiates uniqueness, and the PorterTron pickups makes it even more so. If you like to color outside the lines, we highly recommend it.

We are an authorized Godin dealer and this is a new guitar with all tags, tools, paperwork and certificates. We have over 25 Godin-family guitars stock at all times, and please feel free to browse our other listings,or contact us for delivery time and availability on other Godin models.