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Celebrating our 10th Year in Business!! 
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When it comes to guitars, we have certain criteria that allows us to find products that we can believe in, not just sell. In a few words it boils down to: Quality, Consistency and Story. After a few years of contemplation we decided to pull the trigger on Heritage Guitars at NAMM 2017. With a name like "Heritage" it was obvious that their story was a focal point of the brand, and rightly so. In 1985 a group of senior employees from the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo decided that even though Gibson left the year before, a hundred plus year legacy of guitar building was something that shouldn't be lost. That spring they purchased a portion of the old building equipment and started producing guitars like they knew how: one by one, by hand. Now with new ownership, investment and energy, each Heritage guitar is made to be its own masterpiece and not one-of-many. These guitars may look familiar but have their own story to tell.
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Heritage H-150 Dirty Lemon Burst


Heritage H-530 Antique Natural Hollowbody P-90


Heritage H-535 Translucent Cherry


Heritage H-137 Single Cut TV Yellow


Heritage H-530 Translucent Cherry


Heritage H-535 Original Sunburst