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Little Walter Tube Amplifiers are hand built in North Carolina using all point-to-point hand wired construction and pine cabinetry. Inspired by classic American designs but clones of nothing, Little Walter amps are revelation in tone, clarity, and sensitivity. With models using both the older 8-pin "octal" preamp tubes as well as the more common 9-pin 12AX7 style preamp tubes, Little Walter amplifiers range from lower powered models with easily accessible natural grind, to 100 watts brutes for pristine pedal steel. Used by Nashville greats such as Vince Gill, Brent Mason and Paul Franklin, these amplifiers unlock your tone like no other. Whether straight in or with your favorite pedals, Little Walter amplifiers and matching speaker cabinets are a game changer.

April 27-28, We had a great time with Little Walter Tube Amps at the Boston Amp Show hanging with the man behind the magic (Phil Bradbury) himself! Professional guitarists and our good friends Adam Fox and Scott Tarulli and many other great players showcased the amazing sound of Little Walter Amps. Call us or stop by if you'd like more info on or to check them out yourself.
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Little Walter 1x12 Pine Speaker Cabinet w/Eminence CV75


Little Walter 50 Watt Octal Head Black Tan - MINT


Little Walter 50 Watt Octal Head Fender Brown


Used Little Walter Hipster 10W Class A Head with 1x12 pine Cabinet


Little Walter "59" 50 Watt Head Black/Tan


Little Walter Octal 22 Watt Head - Hiwatt Black