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Little Walter 1x12 Pine Speaker Cabinet w/Eminence CV75


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The cabinets from Little Walter Tube Amps are built to make your life as simple as it should be. They're made of lightweight Pine, dimensionally optimized for full-bodied tone, and feature a variety of speakers hand picked by the maestro himself, Phil Bradbury. This 1x12 cabinet features a 75 Watt Eminence Redcoat CV75 for a focused tone that packs a serious punch. You can get Little Walter cabs finished in a variety of coverings and this one just so happens to go nicely with the 22 and 50 Watt octal heads in the shop.

This Little Walter 1x12 Cabinet features:

  • Black tolex covering - Hiwatt black
  • British small weave Cane grill
  • Pine construction
  • Eminence Red Coat CV75 speaker
  • 8 ohm input
  • Hand made in North Carolina
  • 20-1/4w x 11d x 18h
  • 26 pounds

Cabinets are a simple part of a complex machine, but their importance should not be underestimated. Speaker selection is it's own rabbit hole but dimension and material alone can drastically alter the tone coming out of your fancy amplifer. Since he already conquered the amplifier part, Phil Bradbury, the Little Walter, has applied his knowledge and passion crafting their ideal sonic partners.

We love Pine at Upfront Guitars: It's a fast-growing Northern softwood that is very lightweight and in our humble opinion, the secret ingredient to a great sounding speaker cabinet. Due to it's lower density it does not reflect sound like birch plywood, MDF, or other common cabinet materials. In fact sound seems to pass through the wood, creating a warm, natural resonance. This breathy quality allows you to experiment with open, closed or half-open cabinets without the "stiff" tone that can arise from more reflective woods. Cabinet dimension can also make or break your tone and, after an absolute bender of hands-on testing, Phil Bradbury decided that an 11 inch depth sounded the best overall no matter what speaker or amp was being played. After measuring all the cabinets in our shop -- which included some other 11" deep examples -- we believe him.

Now onto the engine in the chassis. The speaker in this particular cabinet is a 75 Watt Eminence Redcoat. Somewhat in the mold of a Vintage 30, it's got a pronounced midrange response without the typical V30 "honk", tight punchy lows and a clean, open high end. This cabinet has seen the gauntlet of heads in our shop, Little Walter and otherwise, and it did them all justice. The character of this speaker leans toward rock and blues, but with a great speaker in a well designed cabinet, nothing is off the table.