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Located in Boise Idaho, Porter pickups makes a wide range of classic pickup designs and specials for almost any type of guitar. We will be adding to our selection Porter Pickups over time, but our first projects with Porter include a special set just for the G&L Fallout, and a Humbucker specifically voiced for HSS-type guitars.
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Porter Custom Bridge Humbucker for HSS Guitars


Porter Guitars Les Bois Dog Hair Black Mahogany with Bigsby

$1,499.00 $1,899.00

Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A2


Porter H-90 Alnico Classic A5


Porter Khrosis Aged Green Gold Foil Mini Hums


Porter P90 Bridge in Black and Cream


Porter Strat 60s Set


Porter Tron AlNiCo "Filter" Set, Chrome


Porter Tron AlNiCo Humbucker Set Chrome


Porter Vintage Custom Strat Set


Porter 9T set


Porter Guitars Les Bois Performance Plus - Roasted Neck - Custom Pickups

$1,699.00 $2,399.00

Porter Classic - Smooth +5% Humbucker Pickup Set


Porter Classic Overdrive Humbucker Pickup Set


Porter Special P-90 Humbucker Set for G&L Fallout


Porter Tele Custom Set


Porter Tele STD Set