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Quilter Labs

Pat Quilter, the founder of Quilter Amplification is the "Q" in QSC audio. Pat began his audio career many years ago making guitar amplifiers, but eventually transitioned to creating one of the best known names in pro audio amplifiers and sound reinforcement. But his love of music and stringed instruments led him in "retirement" to once again pursue guitar and bass amplification. Like QSC products, Quilter Amplifiers stress efficiency, light weight, and most of all impeccable sound quality. While purists will scoff at the notion of solid state amplifiers, Quilter truly understands the nature of good tone and has built an impressive line of guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, and speaker cabinets. They are highly engineered products, and we have been extremely impressed not only with their sound quality but also their intuitive controls, and excellent gig-ability. Size matters, but sound matters more, and we think you'll be impressed too.
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Quilter Aviator Cub 50W 1x12 Combo Amp


Quilter Bass Block 802 800W compact bass head


Quilter BLOCKDOCK 12HD Open-back 1x12 cab with Block Dock


Quilter INTERBLOCK 45 45W guitar amp in a pedal


Quilter OVERDRIVE 202 200 watt, 3 voice, 2-channel guitar head


Quilter BASSDOCK 12 Rear Ported 1x12 Bass Cab with Block Dock


Quilter Superblock UK 25W British Style Pedal Amp


Quilter Superblock US 25W Fullerton Style Pedal Amp