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In our search for reasonably priced amplifiers that met our requirements for great tone and being made in North America, there were very few real choices. Traynor stands out as offering the serious guitarist serious amplifiers that offer tube construction, high quality components, and very good build quality at a fair price. Traynor has a surprisingly deep array of offerings, and we're focusing on amplifiers that offer simplicity, pure tone, and easy portability for the gigging musician or home player. Traynor amps are not hand-wired boutique affairs stuffed with esoteric NOS components, but their 40+ years of experience have taught them a thing or two about tone. We're totally impressed with what they have to offer, and are very excited to offer these products to our customers.

As you may know, Traynor is part of Yorkville, which includes everything from Hughes and Kettner amplifiers to complete Pro Audio Speaker systems. We have access to the complete line, so if you are looking for something from H&K, or putting together a Pro Audio system for your band, drop us a line.

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USED Traynor SB115 Small Block 200-Watt 1x15" Bass Combo


Traynor AM Studio 65W Acoustic Amp


Traynor Darkhorse 1x12 Celestion Speaker Cabinet DHX12


Traynor Small Block SB112 200w 12" Bass Combo Amp


Traynor SB115 Small Block 200-Watt 1x15" Bass Combo


Traynor YGL2 30-Watt 1x12" Tube Guitar Combo