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Used Gear

Mint used guitars, basses, and amps, trade-in's, returns, or not-the-right-match first time around. A growing selection of very nice gear that somehow finds its way to UpFront Guitars. Each guitar and amp is tested, inspected and setup prior to shipment. No duds or lemons in this lot! All with an UpFront Guitars no-questions asked 7-day return policy.

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USED Ibanez Prestige w/ Musicians' Friend Gig Bag


USED Ibanez SR400EQM Bass w/ Ibanez Hard Case


USED Ibanez STL Super Tube 1985 Pedal


USED Instant Lo Fi Junky Pedal ZVEX


USED Jackson DK2QM w/ Jackson Gig Bag


USED JAM Pedals Custom Shop Overdrive/Compression Multi-Pedal


USED JAM Pedals Custom Shop Red Muck V1


USED Jam Pedals Foxy's Drive


USED Juan Reinier da Montagne Nylon Classical - no bag/case

$950.00 $1,050.00

USED Keeley Compressor Plus


USED Keeley Neutrino V1 Envelope Filter with Original Box


USED Keeley Seafoam Plus Chorus with Original Box


USED Keeley White Sands Luxe Drive Pedal with Original Box


USED Line 6 Lowdown LD300 Bass Amp


USED Line 6 Powercab 112


USED Line Pod Go


USED Lovepedal Hermida Audio Technology Zendrive w/ Original Box


USED Mesa Boogie Rectoverb 50 VII with Cover

$854.00 $1,250.00

USED Mojo Hand FX Park Theatre


USED MXR CSP026 74' Vintage Phase 90 with Original Box


USED PRS SE Mark Holcomb 7-String w/ PRS Gig Bag


USED Red Witch Violetta Delay - RARE - with Original Box


USED Rocketfire Partscaster Strat Klein DG Specials w/ Fender Hard Case


USED Roland Super Cube Bass 60


USED Schecter C-1 Elite w/ Schecter Hard Case


USED Schecter Dallas Made Strat 80's w/ Fender Hard Case


USED Schecter Diamond Series C-6 Elite Brown Burst Flame - no bag/case


USED Seagull Peppino Q2T with TRIC Case


USED Squier Active Jazz Bass HH w/ Fender Gig Bag


USED Squier Classic Vibe Precision Bass 1950's w/ Fender Gig Bag


USED Sterling Music Man StingRay Ray4 Bass - no bag/case


USED Swart Atomic Space Tone Reverb Tweed Amp


USED Throbak Fuzz Haze - No Box


USED Vega Regent Mandolin w/ Original Case


USED VOX Foot Switch VFS2 - No Box


USED VOX Nutube Micro Amp & Cabinet


USED Yamaha FG-140 Red Label - no bag/case


USED Zager ZAD-50CE dreadnought w/ Zager Hard Case

$850.00 $975.00

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