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USED Diaz Effects Texas Square Face Fuzz 1944 Pedal *Diaz Signature* - No Box Included

Cesar Diaz was a Puerto Rican-born guitarist who is best known as the amplifier technician to the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, and G.E. Smith. In the early 90's Diaz left touring to devote his attention full time to amplifiers and effects. This Diaz Square Face fuzz pedal has it's share of paint chips, and while the cosmetic condition of far from pristine, it's been tested, pots cleaned and works just as it should.

This Diaz pedal only runs on batteries, and there is no power supply option. Some used pedals are shown with a 9V power supply jack, and these may be later models. The build date on this pedal is faint but appears to be April 4, 1994, and it is signed. There is also a piece of foam used to support the PC board, but it was removed for the photo.

It's a fuzz pedal, a conversation piece, but also a functional piece of history. If you are collector of guitar history and memorabilia, this is a great addition.