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USED Fender 60th Anniversary Road Worn '60s Jazz Bass w/Fender Hard Case

The Jazz Bass was Leo Fender's follow up act to his original Precision Bass. The Precision Bass gave upright bass players a fighting chance with the increasing volume of western swing and emerging rock acts. The Jazz bass addressed a couple of issues: The first being tone, and an emphasis on a brighter and more focused treble response. The second idea was to make the neck more narrow and rounded in order to woo traditional jazz bass players away from their acoustic uprights. The end result is one of the most famous basses in the music world, played by artists in virtually every genre. The Fender 60th Anniversary Road Worn Jazz Bazz if a faithful homage to the original Jazz Bass introduced in 1960.

This an excellent condition used bass with original Fender Deluxe case and paperwork:

  • Alder body 9.4 pounds
  • Nitro road worn finish
  • 34" scale, vintage tinted worn gloss finish
  • Mid 60's C shape neck, 20 frets
  • Pau Ferro fretboard, 9.5" fretboard radius
  • Fender alnico jazz bass pickups
  • Stacked volume and tone controls
  • Original Fender hard case with paperwork
  • Made in Mexico
One feature of the original Jazz Bass was the stacked volume and tone controls. The inner knob is the volume control, while the outer ring is the tone control, which has "click" detents to avoid accidentally turning the tone control while turning the volume control. While it's clever and saves space, it was likely expensive in terms of manufacturing cost and ran counter to Fender's frugal nature. It did not last long.

If you don't like an "aged" instrument, you've probably stopped reading already. But if still intrigued, Fender has certainly mastered the formula of convincing relic'ing, and if nothing else this is one of the least expensive nitro instruments you are likely to find. Beyond that, the 60th anniversary Jazz Bass is just what you'd expect, although we found it to be a little more mellow than most jazz basses. It's got the jazz bass vibe, but a little rounder, warmer, and less metallic than some. Maybe they've mastered the art of aging the pickup too....

Overall a cool instrument that plays well, has a great vibe, and from anywhere greater than 3' looks like a prized instrument from day's gone by. We're cool with that.