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USED Fender '68 Custom Princeton Reverb 1x10 2017 Combo Amp - No Cover

The Fender '68 Princeton Reverb has a great lineage: Based on their iconic 1x10 platform, the '68 Princeton Reverb combines the classic sound of Silverface amps while offering a pleasing combination of power and portability. With 12-watts of rich 6V6 tube tone, one 10-inch Celestion speaker and tube driven reverb and tremolo, this amp offers some of the best pint-sized tones out there.

The Fender '68 Princeton Reverb features:

  • 12 watts
  • (2) 6V6 power tubes
  • (3) 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • (1) 12AT7 preamp tubes
  • (1) 5AR4 Rectifier Tube
  • Handwired tube sockets
  • Custom Shumacher transformers
  • (2) Inputs
  • Reduced negative feedback increases touch sensitivity and overdrives faster
  • Tube driven reverb and vibrato on both channels w/ footswitch
  • (1) Celestion Ten-30 speaker
  • Footswitch included for reverb and vibrato

At 12 watts this amp clocks in "practice amp" power but through the years it has proven itself in the studio and on stage. Ten inch speakers have their own virtue in our eyes, but the Celestion Ten-30's are exceptional in this platform; offering both clear highs and a warm rounded low end that is less edgy and brash than the typical vintage style American speaker. You can get pure American clean tones until about 5 on the dial and from there the magic happens. The breakup on this amp is rich and dimensional, and after about 7 on the volume it doesn't get too much louder, just more saturated and heavy. This is the kind of amp where you can leave your overdrive pedals at home. And of course having tube driven reverb and tremolo on both channels is just the cherry on top.

We really like this amp: The 1x10 configuration puts out solid low end, and the British-toned speakers give it a warmer, sweeter tone with less fizzy breakup. Plus the lower efficiency of the 10" speakers allows the amp to work a little harder, providing great tone at more usable levels. In the '68 Princeton Reverb you not only get a platform for your pedals, but an amp worth driving hard that can perform on the stage, in the studio or in your bedroom.