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USED Fender American Acoustasonic Telecaster 2019 with Fender gig bag


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Since the 1960's there have been Fender acoustic guitars of various shapes and price, but fair to say than none have captured the hearts of serious acoustic players. Enter the Fender Acoustasonic: An intriguing blend of Fishman-Fender electronics and Fender aesthetic that brings something truly new to the world of hybrid acoustic-electric guitars. For live performers of various stripes and home recorders who need convincing tones with minimal fuss. The Fender Acoustasonic is a compelling option.

This 2019 Fender Acoustasonic Features:

  • Chambered mahogany body
  • Mahogany neck, 25.5” scale, 22 frets
  • 1-11/16 nut width, 12” radius
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Fender noiseless magnetic pickup
  • Under saddle bridge transducer
  • Internal body sensor
  • Five way voicing switch
  • Volume control
  • A/B voicing and blend knob
  • Deluxe Fender gig bag
  • Made in Corona, CA
If you can't beat them, join them....sort of. Rather can convince tradition-minded players to consider a Fender acoustic, Fender wisely chose to take their familiar Fender shape and morph it into a technologically advanced multi-purpose guitar. The Acoustasonic was developed in partnership with the electronics gurus at Fishman to develop a guitar that could span a wide range of realistic tones in a premium package that would appeal to both performers and hobbyists. At the heart of the Acoustasonic is a specially designed chambered body and soundhole with Fishman-Fender "Acoustic Engine" electronics. There is a traditional 5-way switch that unlocks a variety of acoustic and electric-voiced tones. In addition, the A/B knob (where the tone control would normally be) blends between two specific A/B voices -- depending on where the 5-way is set -- for a total of ten voicings plus blending. From position 5 ("neck" on a Strat) on down, the options are as follows:

5: A - Spruce/Rosewood dreadnought, B - Spruce Auditorium

4: A: Spruce/Maple small body, B - Spruce Mahogany dreadnought

3: A - Spruce/Brazilian Rosewood dreadnought, B - Adds body pickup for additional depth and percussiveness

2: A - Spruce/Mahogany dreadnought, B - Adds magnetic electric pickup

1: A - Fender electric clean, B - Fender electric fat/semi clean

As to how accurate these particular voices are is a matter of opinion and personal experience. Suffice to say that there are ample options to find the right acoustic tone to meet your ears and mood. Plus it's a fully functional electric guitar with the feel and scale of a traditional Fender electric. We had the opportunity to mix a solo performer and Acoustasonic at a local live gig, and once you adjust to the visual of it being a Telecaster, the sound was convincing and easy to dial in. It certainly sounds better than many true acoustic guitars with internal pickups, and of course it's never going to feed back.

The Fender Acoustasonic is not meant to replace your favorite acoustic guitar. But for a wide variety of situations -- coffeehouse, cover bands, quick recording, unplugged practice, travel -- its a much better option. There have been hybrid acoustic-electric guitars on the market for many years, but Fender has upped the ante in flexibility and performance with the Acoustasonic.