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USED Fender Limited Edition American Professional Jazz Bass Sienna Burst


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As a long standing G&L dealer, we have a healthy respect for anything Fender. And while we usually favor the old stuff, this shiny new Jazz Bass has got all the right ingredients. This Limited Edition Jazz Professional markets itself to working players emphasizing a lightweight ash body, slim neck profile, our favorite 1.5" nut width and a high-mass bridge for maximum resonance. 

This 2019 bass was traded in by a regular customer who takes meticulous care of his gear. It is in mint condition and comes with original hardshell case, paperwork, certificate and candy.

This Made-in-the-USA Fender LE Jazz Professional features:
  • Swamp Ash body - 8.4 pounds 
  • Sienna Burst finish 
  • Slim C-shaped neck, 9.5" radius, 1.5" nut width, 34" scale length
  • Medium jumbo frets
  • Fender V-Mod Single coil pickups
  • Independent Volume Controls, Master Tone 
  • High Mass bridge
  • Original tolex hardshell case, paperwork and certificate

There a lot to love about this bass and for us it's the fact they kept things simple while acknowledging improvements players have always wanted. Starting with the good old fashioned specs: Weight is always a factor when finding the right guitar, and as basses go this is a constant struggle. Swamp Ash is a premier tone wood that offers the sweetest high and low end with a subdued midrange making it a perfect fit for the thick tone of the V-Mod pickups. It's also worth noting that Swamp Ash varies greatly in weight depending on the cut so finding a light one does indeed require some scavenging. The addition of a high-mass bridge is new to us, and we approve especially as selfish G&L nerds who know this was a point of priority for Leo as his journey went on. The slim profile neck is comfortable and will feel familiar to any Fender fan and they stayed with tradition in going with the classic 9.5" radius and traditional 1.5" nut width. The V-Mod pickups are an interesting touch, using a blend of ALNICO II and V magnets for a more nuanced sound. The strength of ALNICO V is great for getting those hard hitting frequencies and the weaker ALNICO II's offer a broader spectrum for richness. Together they create a best-of-both-worlds scenario for anybody who's chasing the classic Jazz sound with a bit more versatility. Wrapping it all up is a beautiful Sienna Burst finish that brings out the best in the Swamp Ash grain. As a player this package is hard to ignore and if you want it to say Fender on the headstock, we think Leo would give this one the thumbs up.