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USED Fender Stratocaster MIM Sunburst with Musikraft neck


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For over 30 years, Fender has been producing guitars in Mexico, and they are some of the most consistent and trouble-free guitars on the market. This American Standard Stratocaster for some reason received a lovely Musikraft Birdseye neck with ebony fretboard and abalone-type dot inlays. Fitted with 22 medium jumbo frets and beautifully finished, it plays like butter.

As we said, South-of-the-Border Strats a solidly built guitars, and this guitar has a nice acoustic vibe, pretty grain through the sunburst finish, and just a couple dings around the jack plate. The pickups are steel-pole single coils with bar magnet construction. Nothing boutique about them, but this type of pickup gives the guitar an extra dollop of midrange punch at the expense of some glassiness. You may find that to your liking, or if not this guitar is a great platform for your favorite brand of fancy single coils.

In short this guitar is a gem, and for the price of a couple high-end pedals you get a guitar that plays three times its price. Play it as is, or tweak it some more. Either way you can't go wrong. Comes with non-original gig bag.