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USED Fender Telecaster Custom 1974 w/ Fender Hard Case

The early 70's brought some new versions of the venerable Fender Telecast aimed at widening it's appeal beyond country and blues players. Music continued to get heavier, and the Telecaster neck pickup was not quite up to the task. Fender brought out two new models the Telecaster Custom and the Telecaster Deluxe, and in the process introduced their new Seth Lover designed Wide Range pickup.

This is an all-original 1974 Fender Telecaster Custom with original Fender hardshell case. While it has little-to-no fret wear and the neck finish is in excellent condition, we rate it as "very good" due to a decent sized chip in the finish. Otherwise the finish is quite nice for it's age, and the hardware still has a pretty good shine. Tuning keys, saddles and truss rod all work with no bind or grind. We gave it proper setup and it plays great, which is not something you can say about a lot of guitars from the 70's.

The Wide Range pickup was intended to give a heavier punchier tone than a traditional single coil, but still have the type of clarity that single coil players expect from a Fender guitar. The Wide Range differs from most traditional humbuckers in that the pole pieces are actual magnets, and not metal rods or screws with a bar magnet underneath. Due to issues machining Alnico magnet material, the Wide Range uses a CuNiFe for the magentic pole pieces. The individual pole pieces do the trick, and while the Wide Range has a strong fat output, the clarity and note separation is improved over a standard humbucker. The true pole magnet design also means that the pickup splits quite nicely for a true single coil sound (we tried it on our own Wide Range Partscaster many years ago). Fender has produced reissue "Wide Range" pickups that were really conventional humbuckers under the cover, and vintage Wide Range pickups fetch a pretty penny if you can find one. Fender started to produce real Wide Range pickups again in 2020, and some boutique winders turn out very nice Wide Range replicas, which due to their construction tend to be more expensive than the typical humbucker.

But here's the real pickup in the real guitar from the collection of a player that has owned it since the 70's. It's great playing slice of history with good bones, and ready to go another 50 years.