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USED Fender Telecaster Jimmy Page Signature with Case MIM


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While Jimmy page is probably best remembered for his live performances with his prized '59 Les Paul Standard, many of his most iconic solos were cut on a Telecaster through a small Valco/Supro amp. A far cry from a Les Paul through a Marshall, but it's the tone of the early albums. The Fender Jimmy Page Signature Tele is a faithful and affordable rendition of his '59 Telecaster right down to his "what was he smoking?" graphics. It's a whole lotta Tele and a great player to boot.

The Jimmy Page Signature Telecaster Features:

  • Ash body with urethane finish
  • 21 fret aged nitro lacquer maple neck
  • Jimmy Page Custom oval neck profile
  • 7.5" radius, tall narrow frets
  • Rosewood fretboard, 1.625" nut width
  • Jimmy Page custom Tele pickups (patterned after original '59 pickups)
  • Special graphics and refractive pickguard
  • Traditional 3 saddle bridge with threaded steel saddles
  • Top load or string through option
  • Split and drilled vintage style tuners
  • Deluxe padded hardshell case
  • Accessories include white canvas strap and heavy duty coil cord
  • Made in Mexico
Beneath the groovy paint job and trippy refractive pickguard, the Jimmy Page Tele follows the recipe for a typical late 50's Telecaster down to the 3 saddle bridge with threaded saddles, curvy 7.25" radius fretboard and vintage frets. A cool feature of the guitar is the top loader option for stringing. Top loading the strings (rather than through the body) lowers the string tension a touch lending a slinkier feel and easier bending. For some players only a top loader will do, and it's a nice option to have. The Jimmy Page Custom Tele pickups are in theory patterned after the original staggered magnet '59 pickups, but Fender says little else about them. Suffice to say they are classically voiced with a round slightly compressed bell-tone at the neck and a reasonable amount of twangy grunt from the bridge. In the hands of the right player and amp combination, a Tele bridge pickup is a credible rock machine, and Mr. Page clearly shows. And with both pickups engaged it's perfect for creating the twangy slightly hollow tone heard on songs like The Ocean

The guitar also includes a very nice fully padded tolex case, white canvas guitar strap, and vintage style heavy duty coil cable. Coil cables naturally have a good amount of capacitance which tends to affect the guitar's high end. Some players used them specifically for that reason. Maybe it was part of Page's sound, but you be the judge.

In a Stadium or Arena there is something about the gravitas of Les Paul and bunch of big amps. But if you prefer smaller venues -- or no venue at all -- The Jimmy Page Telecaster can help you chase some of the greatest great tones in rock.