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USED G&L Comanche Blonde w/ Birdseye neck and Gold Hardware


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Stepping outside the box, the G&L Comanche features G&L's low-noise Z-coil pickups for wide ranging fidelity and great output. A true chameleon guitar that gives "single coils" a whole new meaning, this particular Comanche is a very special custom order from 2002, featuring upgrades that are now rare or only available in the Custom Shop like a figured Birdseye Maple neck and all gold hardware. 

This was brought to us by a regular customer who takes meticulous care of his gear so for its age this beauty is in incredible shape with no significant dings, dents, scratches or most importantly, fretwear. As with any new or used gear we sell, this guitar will be fully setup before shipping so we guarantee it'll be ready to work hard for years to come. 

This 2002 USA custom Comanche features:

  • Blonde finish on Swamp Ash, 8.6 pounds
  • Birdseye maple neck w/ matching fretboard
  • 12" radius, 1-5/8" nut width 
  • Heritage '86 profile, .790 1st fret, .900 12th (actual)
  • Medium jumbo frets
  • Gold G&L locking tuners
  • White Pearl pickguard
  • (3) G&L MFD Z-coil pickups w/ Gold Adjustment Screws
  • White pickup covers
  • Gold G&L Dual Fulcrum Vibrato
  • Volume, passive treble and bass controls
  • 5-way pickup selector
  • Mini-toggle for seven total pickup combinations
  • Plek® laser guided fret finishing
  • Deluxe tolex hardshell case
  • Made in Fullerton, CA

While the G&L Comanche and Legacy share the same body, sonically they are very different in personality and nature. The Z-coil design uses G&L's patented magnetic field design construction utilizing a low resistance coil with a ceramic bar magnet underneath. That may sound like a P-90 -- sort of -- but they don't sound like a P-90 at all. The low resistance/inductance coil provides very broad frequency response but also very good output. The Z-Coil pickup is actually two MFD coils wound in series -- like a Humbucker -- for hum-free operation and low noise. The side-by-side construction also gives them Humbucker-like output but with enhanced clarity and dynamic range. It's a very "Hi-Fi" sound with a broad, even frequency response that is very open and sensitive to playing style.

The neck position is powerful and full bodied with a strong midrange presence. Its tonality is somewhat similar to a moderate humbucker but with better note definition and attack. It does not have the scooped mids of a traditional Legacy neck pickup, but we urge you to experiment to the wide range of shadings available with G&L's passive bass and treble controls. The middle pickup is bold and "stringy" and sounds very much like a traditional middle pickup but stronger and with more presence. The bridge pickup has tons of sparkle, but enough roundness on the high end to avoid that icy, edgy tone that Strats are notorious for. The fairly hefty Swamp Ash body offers good low end response, a restrained midrange and a sweeter more musical top end. We think it pairs especially well with the Z-coils.

Thanks to the strong output of these pickups, the in-between sounds are especially punchy and tasty. If you're type of player that loves the neck + middle and middle + bridge settings, the Comanche just kills these type of tones with lots of attack and clarity. In addition, the mini-toggle switch also allows selection of neck+bridge or all three pickups which is a great smooth rhythm setting. And like all G&L Legacy-style guitars, the passive Volume, Treble and Bass controls give added flexibility to roll off the treble for added warmth, or roll off the bass for a leaner traditional single coil sound.

The Z-coil Comanche is not new, but for those who have not tried it, the Comanche offers a unique and flexible take on the S-type format. It's a powerful and dynamic instrument that can sound a little 335-ish, belt our righteous crunch tones, and still quack and cluck like a vintage instrument. If you are in love with the shape and feel of a Legacy style guitar but yearn for more power and presence, the Comanche is just the ticket.

We are an authorized G&L Premier dealer located in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and this is a new guitar with all tags, tools, paperwork and certificates. We have over 40 G&L’s in stock at all times, and please feel free to browse our other listings, or contact us for information on a custom order.