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USED G&L L-1500 Bass Blue Burst


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Here's an old friend from the 2000-2006 bi-cut neck era that recently joined our used stable. The G&L L-1500 takes its cues from one of Leo Fender's other single pickup basses, the Music Man Stingray. But with Leo being Leo, the L-1500 features the evolutionary improvements that have become the hallmark of the L-series bass line. While showing its age a little, this L-1500 has plenty of life left.

This L-1500 features:
  • Blueburst finish on Swamp Ash, 10 pounds
  • G&L 'Medium C' (1-5/8" width at the nut), 7.5" radius
  • Gloss finish maple neck
  • Maple fingerboard
  • (1) G&L Magnetic Field Design (MFD) Humbucker pickups
  • Volume, Treble and Bass controls
  • Series/Parallel switch
  • Active/Active Boost switch
  • Massive patented Saddle Lock Bridge (a locking saddle screw clamps the saddles together for better sustain)
  • Lightweight Aluminum tuning pegs for better instrument balance
  • Plek ® laser-guided fret finishing
  • Deluxe hardshell tolex case

Even with a single pickup and simplified electronics the L-1500 has a lot going on. However it only takes a moment to become familiar with their functions. From top to bottom the knobs are Volume, Treble and Bass. These controls provide true frequency boost and cut, and their is a choice of active, or active with high end boost.

The top mini-toggle switch chooses whether the pickup is wired in parallel or series. Parallel has a leaner, brighter tone, while the series mode adds more pronounced midrange fullness. We liken parallel to a "JB" mode and series to the fatter warmer "PB" tone. Players who slap or like a springy piano-like tone will like the parallel mode; while the series mode is fatter with a more woolly and warm tone. Lastly, the bottom toggle controls whether the guitar is active or active with high end boost.

With all this tone shaping capability, the G&L L-1500 is capable of anything from bright slap bass, to warm jazz, fat growling low end, or trashy punk. With broad dynamic range and excellent overall sustain, it's really just a matter of a little experimentation to dial in the guitar to suit your style or particular gig.

We are an authorized G&L Premier dealer located in Bellingham, Massachusetts and have over 40 G&L's in stock at all times. Please feel free to browse our other listings, or contact us for information on a custom order.