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USED G&L USA LB-100 Two Tone Sunburst Frost Swamp Ash


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Here is a very clean 2016 G&L LB-100 finished in fingerprint and smudge resistant Two-Tone Sunburst Frost. The original Fender Precision bass dates back to a time when stand-up basses could not compete with the new electric guitars. The "Precision" stands for the fact it has frets, and voila! Leo Fender invented the electric bass guitar. The G&L LB-100 reaches back to that groundbreaking design, but G&L innovations and improved hardware make this bass a modern warrior. Excellent condition with no scratches, chips or dents.

This USA LB-100 features:

  • Two-Tone Sunburst Frost on Swamp Ash, 9.0 pounds
  • Satin vintage tint maple neck
  • Medium jumbo frets
  • 'Medium C' neck profile, 9.5” radius, 1 1/2” width at the nut
  • G&L tuners with lightweight aluminum split posts
  • 3-ply white pickguard
  • G&L Alnico V P-style split middle pickup, noise cancelling
  • Volume and tone controls - Upgraded with Emerson pots and paper-in-oil tone cap
  • Plek laser guided fret finishing
  • G&L padded gig bag
  • Made in Fullerton, CA

The Precision Bass format is a pretty simple configuration, so it's not what you do to it, it's how well you do it. The LB-100 has a nicely contoured and balanced Swamp Ash body. Swamp Ash provides a sweet top end and a mild midrange scoop, giving this bass a detailed full range response.

The neck on this ASAT bass is what they call their 'Medium C' profile. It has a 1.5" width at the nut and 9.5" radius, which generally places it in J-bass territory. It is a comfortable C shape that is easy to navigate and the moderate radius works for just about any style of playing. And as with any USA G&L the Plek® finished neck is very consistent with no dips, high spots or rough fret ends. 

The G&L-made Alnico 5 pickup has a nice wide -- and low noise -- response, and paired with the swamp ash body has deep but not overly pronounced lows, and clear silky highs. Plugged into our bass rig the LB offers a very responsive surface for slap bass, and rolling back the tone control dials in more mellow tones that are rounder, softer, and more typical of what you might expect from a P-Bass.

Elsewhere, typical G&L design details are evident: Plek'd neck, Aluminum tuning pegs to reduce headstock weight and improve balance, 6-bolt neck, and G&L's substantial and fully adjustable saddle lock bridge, which sits in the wood, not just on it.

The LB-100 is not fancy or complex, but is neatly executed and solidly built with top-notch hardware and materials. The result is a big, natural sounding instrument that can slot into almost any playing situation or style of music.