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USED Gretsch 2016 Broadkaster MIJ Dark Cherry G6609DC-DCH


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Gretsch players march to a beat of a different drum (probably also a Gretsch). And for those who don't hew to the Tele/Strat/LP orthodoxy, the Gretsch vibe of scale length, pickups and construction creates a feel all its own. And while many Broadkasters sport a Bigsby vibrato, this 2016 Japanese Broadcaster has an artfully designed tune-o-matic style hardtail bridge. If you like your 335 with a little more twang and sparkle, this may be your guitar.

This 2016 MIJ Broadkaster features:
  • Laminated arched maple body with spruce center block
  • 12” radius maple set neck with ebony fretboard
  • 22 medium jumbo frets
  • 24.6” scale length, Standard U profile
  • 2 USA Full-Tron pickups
  • Individual volume, master tone control
  • Master volume control
  • Paper-in-Oil tone capacitors
  • Gotoh tuning keys
  • Original hardshell case
  • Original paper work
Gretsch guitars have a very strong associations with two giants of the guitar world, Chet Atkins and George Harrison (with no disrespect to Brian Setzer). But the range of capabilities of the Gretsch design ethos stretches well beyond country picking and the British Invasion of the 60's. The secret sauce of most Gretsch guitars are their Filter'Tron pickups (in this case the slightly hotter Full-Tron versions). Developed prior to the more famous Gibson PAF, the 'Trons have smaller more closely spaced bobbins, and a "toaster top" cover with exposed screws and split center cover. The screws are not adjustable -- they hold the pickup together -- and the center cut in the cover plate actually reduces the high end attenuation normally associated with a fully enclosed cover. While the dual coil design helps to reduce noise, the lower resistance coils, closer coil spacing and strong magnet give the Filter'Tron their unique sparkle and chime. They excel at clean to slightly dirty tones, and for a humbucker can get pretty twangy if you so choose. While they are most associated with country, pop and rockabilly styles of music, drive them hard and they have a unique grind that could easily find a home in indie or punk.

With a scale length slightly shorter than a typical Gibson, the Broadkaster has an easy playing, soft string tension, and a comfortable reach anywhere on the fretboard. Strung with today's typical 10 gauge strings, the Broadkaster will never fight you, and it's a guitar that seems to invite a lighter touch. Going up a gauge will beef up the tone a hair without becoming a chore to play. We can't see ever putting 9's on it....Other unique "Gretsch-isms" is the master volume control. This allows you to set an optimal two-pickup blend and then use the master volume control to modulate the overall volume. It makes perfect sense, and unlocks some of the best tones the Broadkaster has to offer.

Different guitars make you play differently. And whether the Broadkaster is your main axe, or a sonic pallet cleanser in your collection, you'll be rewarded with an expertly crafted guitar that offers standout looks and playing performance.