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USED Mesa Boogie Mark 5 Five - 25 1x10 Combo


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Good things come in small packages, and Mesa has managed to shoehorn a ton of features into its diminutive Mesa Mark Five 25 1x10. It's their most compact combo version of the Mark 5, but it has the features and flexibility to make it useful for the stage, studio, or bedroom. Like all Boogie amps this little jewel is meticulously crafted in sunny Northern California and is 100% Mesa Boogie.

This USA made Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 Features:
  • 25 Watts, 2 EL-84 power tubes
  • 6 12-AX7 preamp tubes
  • Clean/Fat/Crunch channel
  • MK IIC+/MK IV/Xtreme channel
  • Assignable footswitch for channel selection
  • Channel-selectable 5-band EQ
  • 10W/25W power selection to vary headroom and sag
  • True spring Reverb, tube driven
  • Individual reverb level controls for each channel
  • Series effect loop
  • Headphone output
  • Speaker on/off switch
  • Cab Clone DI with closed/open back emulation
  • Celestion Creamback speaker
  • Manual and cover included
  • 14.75H x 14.2W x 9.4D
  • 24 pounds

The trend has been clear for years: Amplifiers continue to get smaller to the point that bringing even a 2x12 to a club gig might elicit disapproving looks. But Mesa players have their standards, and smaller size does not mean fewer features. Never one to skimp on controls, the Mesa Mark Five 25 crams the features of the Mark 5 head into an easy one-hander that has three split personalities:

Conventional amp mode: Fully featured 1x12 combo with everything from clean punchy tones to over-the-top molten gain
Quiet practice: Use the headphone output with speaker off for private practice
Performing or Recording: Use the Cab Clone DI to go directly into recording or mixing board, with built in speaker either off or on

The features of most Boogie amps are extensive but the controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Boogie fanatics will debate the merits of the various "Mark" preamp tones, while us regular folk will just revel in the amount of flexibility of the Mark Five head and its extreme range of voicings. Chances are you can find your sound with the Mark Five 25, and not throw your back out while getting it to the next gig.