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USED Reverend Six Gun TL with original case


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Here is a really clean Reverend Six Gun TL with original case. Reverend has a long and storied history starting with Joe Naylor and Naylor amplifiers, which then became Reverend USA guitars, and since 2006 high quality guitars made in South Korea still designed by Joe (We still have our own 2004 Rumblefish Bass). Sporting one of our favorite and most versatile pickup combinations, this guitar is a great introduction to the world of Reverend guitars.

The Six Gun TL features:

  • Korina body, 8.5 pounds
  • 25.5” scale maple neck
  • 12” radius bound rosewood fretboard
  • 2 - S-Type single coils pickups
  • T-Type bridge pickup
  • 5-way switching
  • Volume, Treble and Bass controls
  • Wilkinson Vibrato bridge with individual saddles
  • Locking tuners
  • Original soft sided hard case
South Korean makes some of the world's best and most consistent guitars, and while they are imported, Reverend guitars are not low cost or budget in any way. The Six Gun TL is well made, and expertly finished with nice touches such as bound neck and locking tuners. The shape is their attractive mild offset which they have employed to varying degrees since the early days. The Korina body -- also known as Limba -- has mahogany-like qualities but is generally thought to be a little brighter in tone. With single coils it imparts a little more midrange fullness than you would normally get with traditional alder. Not a bad thing for single coils, which sometimes can use a little more support.

We did not take the guitar apart, but from the looks of the pickups, we wager that these are steel-pole bar magnet single coils made by GB (A major Korean pickup maker that supplies much of the industry). While to a traditionalist these are not "true" vintage single coils, however their construction yields a stronger midrange and more punch with a slightly softer top end. Not as glassy as a traditional single coil, but more body and less drop in volume in the combined positions. The T-Style bridge pickup is a nice addition, and gives the bridge position more rock capabilities than a standard S-Type would. If you do want lean it out for more of a "Fullerton" tone, there is a low end roll-off control on the upper bout. Traditional controls and a 5-way switch reside on the plated control panel.

We are suckers for the Nashville pickup arrangement, and this Reverend Six Gun TL is both unique but retains enough vintage cues so as to feel comfortable to players that lean traditional. If you are looking for something that will stand out visually while not kicking you out of your sonic comfort zone, give the Six Gun TL a try.