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USED Whitfill T-style custom Tele guitar


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Impeccably executed, the Whitfill T-style guitar channels the vintage feel and vibe of Leo Fender's seminal design. Crafted in Kentucky, Whitfill guitars blend passion, precision and superior materials to create an immensely satisfying playing experience.

  • Ash body 6.8 pounds
  • Maple neck with Rosewood fretboard
  • Modern C neck, 9.5" radius
  • 850" depth first fret, .975" at the 12"th, 1.65 nut width
  • Nitrocellulose Lacquer Fiesta Red finish, lightly aged
  • Hand-wound proprietary Whitfill pickups: 7.2K neck, 6.6K bridge
  • Volume and tone controls, CTS Pots, Oil and Paper capacitors, Cloth wire
  • Gotoh Aged Nickel Vintage tuners
  • Gotoh Aged Nickel bridge Vintage Style, 3 brass saddles
  • Lightly aged nickel hardware
  • 3 ply parchment pick guard
  • Tolex hardshell case

Sometimes it's hard to fathom how a guitar that is essentially a "plank" of wood with a screwed on neck can be so different from all the other planks of wood. But it happens, and no doubt builders like Whitfill truly know how to sweat the details to create a great guitar. With a neck pickup that has perfect bell-like tones with minimal squish, and a twangy-but-not-cold bridge pickup, the Whitfill is a virtual greatest hits of Tele tone. And we dig the slightly beefy C profile neck which provides nice palm support without feeling bulky (and big necks sound better). Finally, the secret super power of a guitar like this is that they rock out amazingly well. Pumped through our Jam Rattler and Tube Dreamer it can get greasy, dirty, or crunch with the best of them. While Leo's "other" design has won the popularity contest, if we had to own just one electric guitar we would search out one really good T-style guitar. Mission Accomplished.