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USED Zager ZAD-50CE Dreadnought Natural 2013 Acoustic w/ Zager Hard Case

If the name Zager sounds familiar it might be that you remember Zager and Evans, the 60’s pop duo that had an international #1 hit in the late 60’s with the song “The Year 2525.” A true one-hit wonder, Zager and Evans were never able to recreate that magic, and Denny Zager moved on to the equally daunting task of creating his own guitar brand.

With over 130,000 guitars sold, Zager guitars are no one-hit wonders, and they offer materials and build quality that rival many high-end guitars at a very reasonable price point.

This excellent condition 2013 Zager ZAD-50 Dreadnought features: 

  •       Solid Mahogany back and sides
  •       Solid spruce stop
  •       Rosewood fretboard
  •       Mahogany neck
  •       Bone nut and saddle
  •       Fishman Clear Wave 60 pickup system
  •       3-band EQ, notch, phase switch and tuner
  •       Nice Zager molded hardshell case

With specifically designed neck angle, string spacing, and bracing, Zager guitars are designed to be easier to play, with lower action and reduced string tension without buzz. How much of this is marketing hype is open to debate, but we can say this: The Zager ZAD50-CE is remarkably easy to play. It does fret quite easily, and the action is comfortably low, but not such that aggressive playing elicits any buzz or rattle. It’s a guitar you can play for extended periods of time without it being fatiguing. And with this being a 2013 model, the woods are fully settled in, and you can expect its easy playing qualities to remain that way.

Zager targets the ZAD-50 at the Taylor 510 and Martin D-18 series guitars, and while that might seem presumptuous, the Zager has all the tonal qualities of a well-made dreadnought. Small builders have a tough time breaking through the tremendous brand dominance of the major labels, but Zager has stood the test of time. If you are looking for an easy to play solid wood dreadnought with high quality electronics, the Zager is a true sleeper.